The Peredexion Tree

The Peredexion Tree is a magic tree in India whose fruit is deliciously sweet. Doves live in the tree, build their nests in it and eat its fruit. A dragon lies in wait beneath the tree but is unable to rest in its shadow. If a dove leaves the protection of the tree's shadow, it is killed by the dragon. The dragon flees the shadow, moving from one side of the tree to the other as the shadow crosses the ground.

In the Middle Ages the tree was seen as a symbol for God the Father. The shadow of the tree for his son. The tree's heavenly fruit is interpreted as the wisdom of the Holy Ghost that man has received in sacraments. I.e. the lesson to be learnt here is: Never remove yourself from the safety of the Tree of Life!

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Acrylic paint on canvass

80 x 100 cm




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